Why you should explore Laos before it’s too late …

Laos is this country located between Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. While its neighbors are bordered by the seas of Southeast Asia, Laos is one of the only countries in Southeast Asia that has no access to the sea. This is what makes this country so unique and different from its neighbors.


First of all, what we truly appreciate in Laos is the total absence of mass tourism. Here, the authorities’ objective is clearly not to entice tourists, no. The country’s goal is to preserve its authenticity, its nature, and its traditions. In Laos, it is still possible to explore landscapes almost untouched by all human intervention. There is a multitude of local communities that have a special relationship with their environment. In short, Laos is the authenticity of Southeast Asia.

Then, what we liked – even more – is the luxuriant, colorful nature, the immaculate landscapes, the fauna, and the waterfalls. There is not one single typical landscape characterizing this country, … you will discover hundreds of different ones. Each day is different in Laos.


Finally, food. THE food. This cuisine is delicious, typical, organic, tasty, spicy … with fresh fruits and vegetables, of course. Prepare your palate for an explosion of flavor.

Definitely, Laos Must Be on Your 2020 Travel List