The founders of Explorogist are in fact solo explorers in chief! Between these 3, they have visited every continent, and have trodden upon more than 45 countries. They fell in love with local culture and authentic experiences.

Often we were asked if it was not stressful to take off on our own, away from home … so … Yes, indeed, let’s say it: it’s stressful to get out of your comfort zone. But stress lasts only a few seconds and is quickly replaced by excitement!

Then, there are more and more people who take the step and decide to travel alone. So, the more we are solo travelers, the more we have the opportunity to meet and exchange … and in the end, we are rarely alone.

Our philosophy is to offer you to live the experience of a solo trip but be accompanied by other travelers, just like you. Taste the sensation of adventure, discovery, the excitement of setting off alone and opening yourself up to meeting many great people. That’s what we do!

“All problems are boring until they’re your own.” Our advice: avoid problems, indulge yourself, refocus on you, fill your life with essential things: rest and relaxation, different cultures, healthy and balanced meals, meeting new people, and physical challenges.