This old friend…

You all know this friend: 36 years old, young dad, he works every day like crazy to offer his family a prosperous future. Besides, he is married to this supergirl. She also works like a madwoman to buy this pretty little house she saw with her husband in this quiet and family neighborhood. They plan to have three children. It’s cute.

Then there is you. You are 36 years old, as well. You also work every day. But you, you decided to work on making yourself happy. Focussing only on yourself. So you’re pretty independent, you like making decisions on your own. You enjoy meeting people; you are rather international and open to the world. However, when it comes to going on vacation, you find yourself alone because all your friends are busy with their family, their home, and their children.

This is no longer a problem today. Why? Because we are here!

Our philosophy is that you can be between 30 and 45 years old and be independent, want to meet new friends, and be free to do what you want. No judgment, only the taste of travel, authenticity, and comfort (of course, we work every day, we are entitled to a certain level of comfort).

With Explorogist, be ready to meet new friends from around the world, exchange with them, and then who knows … maybe these new friendships will be the best you’ve ever had.