We explain here why you should not ignore the northern part of this fabulous country.

There are fewer tourists in northern Jordan. Let’s seize this chance!

Fewer tourists = more local inhabitants = more authenticity.

A few kilometers to the north of Amman, there are many ancient ruins and biblical sites. These are scattered everywhere in a relatively hilly countryside. Of course, the best-known destination remains Jerash: it is an ancient Roman city whose ruins have been remarkably well preserved. It is even sometimes called the “Pompeii of Jordan”. Imagine spending a few moments in this ancient city … These cobblestones and streets were already existing more than 2000 years ago. In this place, you realize how much our current societies stem from this region.
It is very easy to reach Jerash from Amman, and the round trip from/to Amman is feasible during the day.

However, we also advise you to take advantage of your day outside Amman to continue exploring the surroundings with an Explorogist crush: Ajlun Castle. This fortress has almost 1000 years of existence, and despite wars and earthquakes … it still stands! On the other hand, we advise you not to climb from the city center to the fortress by foot … the path is really not easy, and the effort is relatively intense. Prefer a taxi or a minibus.

Northern Jordan is part of our “Luxurious Jordan” trip. Do not hesitate to join us to discover the rest of this fabulous region… And of course, Petra is also on the program!

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